curriculum vitae




anna van duin

1968-1973 Academy Visual Arts, Utrecht (HKU)
Fashion (diplom)
  1981-1985 Academy Visual Art Education,
Amersfoort (HKU)
First Degree Painting and Drawing (diplom)
  1987 Postacademic course "Philosophy of Art" by Hans Koopman
  2004 (Professional) Artist -in-the-class at UCK Utrecht (artprojects primaryschool)

  2007-2008 papermaking and paperart (including masterclass) in papermill De Middelste Molen, Loenen
1973-1980 Freelance fashion designer; Illustrator

  1985-2003 Various courses, employed on a temporary and permanent basis in Utrecht, Maarssen and Soest

  1987-2013 Diverse courses under my own supervision

  1993 Workshop “Doubletalent”, with M. van Thiel

  2001 Managementtraining Laurus, Amsterdam (with Het Schildersbedrijf, Utrecht)

  2001 “Train the trainer” , in cooperation with Circles International, Houten


Workshop Aboriginal art (children) in Aboriginal Art Museum, Utrecht
Workshops at highschools, a.o. making hats and masks

Individual visual coaching, a.o. to people with a handicap, and managemers as well.
1984-1999 various
Exhibitions Solo (choice):  
  1985 NV Huis: Installation/performance “Broken Statues”

  1985-1991 Gallery Three05, Amsterdam


Besselaar Contemporary Art, Utrecht

  1997 Paros, Greece
  1999 Centre Work and Income, Utrecht (on demand)
  2002-2003 WKG Architects Utrecht

  2011 portraits at Wijk in Bedrijf, Utrecht
Exhibitions Group:  
  1984 Museum for Contemporary Art, Utrecht

  1984 Chapel Central Museum, Utrecht

  1985 Averijcomplex, Utrecht; installation
  1987 Royal Academy of Art, London; Summer Exhibition

  1988 Kunstliefde, Utrecht

  1996 Besselaar Contemporary Art Utrecht, graphics
  1997 Artroute, Utrecht
  2000 Municipal purchases Titus Brandsma, Utrecht
  2005 Multimediaproject "Jazz/Art in times of crisis", Utrecht

  2005 "Junction.Almelo", Bavinkstraat, Almelo

  2005 Multimediaproject "Jazz/Art in times of crisis", Durgerdam

  2008 De Middelste Molen, Loenen. fitting in with Holland Paper Biennal
  2008 Cartesiustriangle, Utrecht (paper art)
  2013 Museum Waterland, Purmerend i.c.w. Tekenkabinet (Drawingcabinet)
  2013 Ka-Art/Paper Art, Coda Museum, Apeldoorn
  2014 "Beeld van een Vereniging" (Image of a Union) Museum Waterland, Purmerend
On demand:
1995-2012 Portraits for various clients

  1998 Monumental piece of art for hall/ intakecounter of Centre Work &.Income, together with W. van Maren
  1998-1999 Art at the workingplace; 16 paintings for Centre Work & Income, Utrecht
  2009 Big mural for Mispelblom/Zonjee, Amersfoort
  2009 Lamps with handmade paper and additions for various clients
  2013 Child portrait for Harry and Paulien Smittenberg, Utrecht