coaching - 1 to 1



figuur met shawlI give two kinds of coaching.
One is coaching into the art.
Often I do this with a group of people who like to develop themselves into visual art. I explain techniques, composition, colourtheory, light and dark, using your imagination and also some artreflection.
I do this by giving workshops and also in a course, from time to time.
If a group of people should want something special, please contact me.

The second is the one tot one coaching with the help of art.
I do this with people who have a question or who want to discover something new in themselves.
I have developed some methods about "creative thinking", which you can use in different ways. Also writing is one of the possibilities.

I will have an intake meeting with someone new, in which we discuss what are the wishes and expectations. From there on we go further, or not.